Sunday, 26 November 2017

HIde n seek

28, 29, 30, ready or not here I come. Last time I played hide n seek was around the lakes in Kaiapoi with Logan my big stepbrother. I was at the very end of the cupboard under the stairs and my little stepsister was hidden in the good old classic underneath the bed trick. Logan looked under the stairs luckily I was at the end of the dark cold abyss. Then when he sleekly walked away from the stairs I got out of the dark cold abyss and went into my parents room under the bed and did I mention I did hide n seek with walkie talkies. And since I didn't want to lose I tried to roll the walkie talkie into the cupboard and I did luckily it worked I was glad I was out of the cold dark abyss and it took them. So long like about 15 minutes to say I give up I came out of my perfect hiding spot. And to be honest they weren't surprised because they didn't look in the parents room. So we made a deal not to hide there I agreed with it I told them that I threw the walkie talkie in the cupboard.

The end.

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