Sunday, 15 October 2017


Have you ever had a crazy cool cat well I have. When I got my first cat Mr Slippers and you know how boy cats are supposed to be feisty and over protective for their territory, well Mr Slippers isn't. He's very very calm for a boy cat and even once at my old house three different other cats (meow) came to our house often but he was like, nah I'm all good bro.

And another story about my cat is when it actually reacted to the new three black cats he hissed and he put his butt in the air and had his head turned halfway around like an owl. I was TERRIFIED because a calm little well not very little cute kitty cat like mine, mr slippers acting so frisky, bbbuuuttt the other actually little kitty cat. I wasn't very surprised because brave cats are somewhat different. They can be very protective bbuutt that was the very first time and also it was while he was eating which is probably way he was so grumpy.

 Last story and kind of the dumbest once after school I was looking for my cat and I found him on my bed and then I tried to pick him up and then he was suddenly 1000 pounds heavier and then I went into the kitchen to go get some food possibly some ice cream and suddenly I nearly slip because there's thousands of little sugar pieces all over the kitchen floor.  And I think in my head what the blimmin heck is this, and my cat comes out of my room and I say in an evil voice and pick my cat up, did you do this? And then I realised that he is sinker and then he jumps out of my hands and it's like he's Usain cat and my dad finally catches him and then my dad calms him down.

Conclusion my conclusion is that each cat can be completely different than that you think that they are.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

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