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Science Blog

Science Blog week 4
What I've done:
I have done balloon rocket Science. 
How to make catapults.
Tug of war (it is actually Science)

What I've found out:
That if you can get enough carbon dioxide into a balloon it can go up a piece of string.
Now about the catapults that all the catapults need to at least have something to pull on or the thing that it's launching and I think that the bigger the catapult the bigger the force.
In tug of war I think that the most likely team to win is the team that has more people or more strength then I think they will win.

What I wonder: 
I wonder if the balloon was the biggest balloon ever would it be able to go straight up for 20 meters.
I wonder if a catapult is able to launch a boulder 60 kilometres. 
I wonder who would win in tug of war all of Japan's people could win against all of America's people. 

Science Blog week 5

What I did.
I got to choose out of 3 activities ping pong ramp or basketball bounce or chair pulleys. And I choose basketball bounce because I wanted to find out the way how I make force and I found out that when I push it I make the force of a push. I played a game called foursquare and we had to push it back and forth to each other and I did this with Jasiah. Trinity. Luca. Charlise.

What I found out.
 If you push the basketball from a height it will force its way through gravity and then I tried to spin it and I found out that is very useful in foursquare because when you spin the ball and as soon as it comes in contact with the ground it will spin the other way.

What I wonder.
I wonder what would happen if I pushed the basketball even harder into the ground.
Would it go even higher than I have before. I wonder if I spun the basketball backwards onto the ground and also very hard into the ground would i be table it go high as well as backwards.

Science Blog week 6 
What is force.
Forget Star Wars- a force is not some mysterious, invisible energy field that pervades the whole universe (Though mysterious invisible energy fields that pervades the whole universe do exist) it's actually something very simple: just a push or a pull.

In a game of tug of war each team tries to yank the opposing team forward by exerting a more powerful force on the rope. But if the forces balance, nobody moves.

These sumo wrestlers are both Leaning forwards as they try to push their opponent away with body weight. Since they weigh the same amount, the forces balance and neither wrestlers moves.

And I got this information from a book.

What I did.
I did catapults and I made a catapult and I think that it is good to be honest I did steal  the idea from somebody else named Tom but he did help me built it and so I am quite thankful. The materials I used to make it was one rubber band ten popsicle sticks a roll of tape and and one spoon there. And now how to make it step by step first get four rubber bands and stick them together like a square and then tape them together and then get two popsicle sticks and then get two more stick two on each side and then get two more and cross them both over like an x tape them onto the front of the catapult and it should look like this.

What I found out.
The furthest that my catapult went is 6 meters 52 centimeters and the shortest that it went was 2 meters 6 centimeters. I had to change the amount of rubber bands on my cotton ball and I found out that the more rubber bands the longer it goes and so if you have a catapult that is low to the ground then the higher and once you're done you will have something like this.

What I wonder.
I wonder if I had a super strong catapult and I shoot a cotton ball then would it go further than ten rubber bands on a cotton ball.

Science Blog week 7
Gravity is a invisible force that brings any object to the earth once it comes into the atmosphere it comes down to earth. 

Push & Pull
When an object is pushed or pulled I believe that the object flies so fast that gravity does not have enough time to pull it back down like a catapult but although when the object slows down the gravity has time to pull it back down.

What I did.
I collected catapult data so first if this is the first time you're reading this then And now how to make it step by step first get four rubber Bands and stick them together like a square and then tape them together and then get two popsicle sticks and then get two more stick two on each side and then get two more and cross them both over like an x tape them onto the front of the catapult and it should look like the picture of my catapult up a little bit and now to describe the data I collected the furthest was six metres and fifty two centimes.

What I found out.
And now I will tell you about the variables I changed and why the science behind it. was that we had to change the amount of rubber bands on the cotton ball you start out with zero and you end on ten and how did this affect my outcomes because when I had zero rubber bands It went 3.53 when I had one rubber bands on it went 3.64.
When it had two rubber bands 4.61three rubber bands 2.06 four rubber bands 3.28 at five rubber bands 4.02 at six rubber bands 4.21 at seven 5.00 at eight 3.66 at nine. rubber bands 3.16 at ten it went as you already know 6.52 and what did I learn from all of this I learnt that the further you go up the lower the numbers go down but it is not always like that.

What I wonder.
New learnings the new thing I learnt was that the more the variables the more it goes further or it will go less far. 

Science blog week 8
Do you know what gravity is it is a kind of force that pulls objects to the ground for example if you jump up then you will be pulled back down because of gravity as well as when you throw something up it will always come back down like a rock stick or mostly any projectile except bubbles they will just float upwards.

What i did.
I gathered data about catapults and this time i had to use three cotton balls and the distances are 1.48 and 3.08 and then the third one was one more metre than the second one and now the fourth 3.81 4.16 also 4.29 and 3.55 3.46 and I think that the next time I launch my catapult I bet it will go further than six metres of it goes anywhere close to 6.60 I will be very very happy.

What I found out.
I found out that the more cotton balls I tried to catapult together the less further it will go but I think that if you have a different catapult to mine than it might go further with three cotton balls and it might go less distance than mine with one cotton ball or your catapult might be completely different and still go further at one and less at three.

What I wonder.
I wonder how far my catapult could launch six cotton balls maybe like with ten rubber bands and this is just a guess around 5.70. I could do this by making my catapult bigger or stronger.

Science plan 9/10 
What I need: one big pieces of paper and two balloons and eight pieces of tape. 
Who with: nobody. I am working on my own.
Activity: balloon powered plane.
Where I'm working: at the forum seating.
I'm going to make a balloon powered plane and now the steps.
Step one: first you are going to want to make the paper plane.
Step two: get the four pieces of tape and the one balloons put one balloon on one side and then tape the balloon to that side and then repeat on other side.

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