Monday, 5 September 2016

My speech

My Speech 
Do you like people that. Tear down trees?

True story. I howl like a wolf when. A tree is cut down but I have to. See it do you like people that tear down trees?. I know I don't because it is horribly! bad for the environment and where are all those animals going. To live even those pests have to live somewhere.

We need to have more nature walks. And we have got to do it quickly ok! One of the nature walks are so short that walking in the mall is longer. And there was less nature than last time there were less 

Bushes and trees. And grass or flowers and soil. Ok ok you get the idea and fun guys translation a purple and blue mushroom. And of course I made fun of it because it is super duper funny. But enough of that.

Literally right now. people are tearing down hundreds of trees. And that's terrible! and tens of thousands of animals are dying right now. and do you what that to happen and again I know I don't and also trees. give us oxygen so we

Can breath. And when we breath out comes carbon dioxide and. just as trees are important to. our species to be able to live and also animals need trees to be able. to breath and survive and live. 

Overall Trees matter. to me and you and. trees are treasures to the entire world whether you are person or animal.
By Oliver Tweedy


  1. I like people that tear down trees ( not )

  2. I love how you read your speech for us at home Ollie :-)

  3. Wow I really like your speech

  4. I like how you made lots of vivid verbs. What you need to work on is not try to use "Overall" But your speech is better than mine. Keep up Oliver and stay the same level as this.