Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery time.
At discovery time today I did short testing of the new games for my classroom and some other classrooms like he Tangata  and some other classrooms as well but mostly for my classroom. 

And those other classrooms are I don't know the other classrooms then I went to play chess. with Jack and Jack won because we had to tide up and he won by one rook.

What was my struggle: picking the games because there were so many games to pick from.

And why did I want to do it: because I felt like doing something different. 

I want to Improve by: picking the best games.

What did I learn about myself: I learned that I am not very good at picking games.

What did I learn: I learned that games very hard to pick.

What have I gained: happiness. 

How do I feel about it: I am feeling very very good about it.

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